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Tailored for seasoned professionals, this program goes beyond basics. Dive into sophisticated techniques with Dr. Zoe Gazola DNP and elevate your practice by offering cutting-edge procedures that set you apart.


and more!

The Challenge of Stagnation in Aesthetic Practice

In the rapidly evolving world of medical aesthetics, many seasoned professionals find themselves at a crossroads. While they possess foundational skills and have achieved success, they often grapple with:


The aesthetic field is continuously evolving, with new techniques, products, and technologies emerging. Staying updated becomes a challenge, leading to potential missed opportunities.


With increasing competition, offering the same set of treatments as everyone else no longer suffices. Professionals seek advanced procedures to set their practice apart and cater to discerning clients.


While there’s a plethora of information available, what’s missing is personalized mentorship. Professionals yearn for guidance tailored to their unique challenges and clientele.


Beyond mastering advanced procedures, there’s a need to understand how to market these services effectively, ensuring a return on investment and sustained growth.

With extensive aesthetic training & a successful decade long career as a business owner, Dr. Zoe Gazola’s DNP All Access Membership offers a solution, bridging the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be in your aesthetic journey.

Dr. Zoe Gazola’s DNP

All Access Membership


Advanced Training Modules

Dive into the world of advanced aesthetic procedures, curated meticulously for the seasoned professional. From video trainings, how-to’s and work sheets, you’ll be provided to develop new advanced techniques.

Monthly Course Updates

Stay at the forefront of aesthetic innovations with new courses added every month, ensuring continuous learning and growth.

Exclusive Community Access

Connect, collaborate, and share experiences with a network of like-minded professionals.

Want 1 on 1 support from Dr Zoe DNP?

Introducing the All Access Premium Mentorship

For those truly committed to elevating their aesthetic practice, we present our exclusive mentorship program. Dive deeper, ask questions, and get personalized guidance directly from Dr. Zoe Gazola DNP.

Dr. Zoe Gazola’s DNP

All Access Premium Membership


Bi-Monthly Calls

Engage in two 30-minute calls every month with Dr. Zoe Gazola DNP herself. Discuss challenges, seek advice, and gain insights tailored to your practice’s unique needs.

Exclusive Live Trainings

Twice a year, get privileged access to live training sessions. Witness advanced techniques in action, participate in interactive Q&A sessions, and network with peers.

Priority Support

As a mentorship member, receive priority support for any queries or assistance you might need, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

All Benefits of the All Access Membership

In addition to the mentorship perks, enjoy all the benefits of the standard All Access Membership, from advanced training modules to monthly course updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the All Access Membership?

The All Access Membership is an exclusive program curated by Dr. Zoe Gazola DNP, offering advanced training in medical aesthetics. It includes a range of courses, monthly updates, and other benefits to help professionals elevate their practice.

Who Is The Mentorship Program Designed For?

The mentorship program is tailored for seasoned professionals in the aesthetics field who are looking to delve deeper into advanced procedures, seek personalized guidance, and gain hands-on experience through live trainings.

How Are The Mentorship Calls Scheduled?

Once enrolled, you’ll receive a link to Dr. Zoe Gazola’s DNP calendar where you can book your two 30-minute calls each month at a time that’s convenient for you.

Can I upgrade to the mentorship program after joining the All Access Membership?

Absolutely! You can upgrade to the mentorship program at any time to benefit from the additional perks, including the bi-monthly calls and exclusive live trainings.

What Happens During The Live Trainings?

The live trainings are intensive sessions where Dr. Zoe Gazola DNP demonstrates advanced techniques, discusses the latest trends, and answers questions. It’s also a great opportunity to network with other professionals.

Is There A Contract Or Long-Term Commitment?

The mentorship program is billed monthly, and you can choose to cancel at any time. However, we believe that consistent engagement will yield the best results for your practice.

How Do I Access The Course Content?

Once enrolled, you’ll receive login credentials to our online platform where all the course materials, videos, and additional resources are hosted. You can access them anytime, anywhere.

What If I Have Questions Outside Of The Scheduled Calls?

Mentorship members receive priority support. You can reach out via email or our platform’s messaging system, and we’ll ensure your queries are addressed promptly.

Are There Any Prerequisites To Join The All Access Membership Or Mentorship Program?

The programs are designed for professionals with foundational knowledge in aesthetics. While there are no strict prerequisites, it’s beneficial if you have some experience in the field to make the most of the advanced content.

Can I Buy More Hours with Dr. Zoe DNP?

Yes, you can purchase additional training hours for $500 an hour. Do not, The Indigo Clinic does not offer in-house days of shadowing.


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