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Products & Pricing

  • Sculptra For Face - $750

    You must email Zoe when making this appt. Sculptra has to be prepaid because has to be mixed and prepped 24hrs prior and must be used. Please see services menu on website regarding accurate pricing for sculptra. Price is per vial. most faces only use 1-2 vials. 90% of my patients do one.

  • Sculptra Booty - Starting at $4800

    For dimpling and cellulite, on average it takes 4-6 vials per treatment. To add volume, you need 10-12 vials per treatment. you need a total of 3 treatments to achieve results. Vials are discounted at $550/per vial when you buy 4 or more vials. Please email me and send me pics so I can tell you an accurate number of vials youll need. Also once you book the appt, you will need to prepay sculptra since it has to be premixed for you specifically.

  • Sculptra for Lipo Correction - Starting at $2500

    You must do a virtual consult and submit photos so Zoe can see approximately how many vials need to be mixed. On average, you’re looking between 4-6 vials for the abdomen only. Please note, you will need 2-3 sessions spread 4-6 weeks apart.

  • Sculptra for Temples - $750

    Sculptra for sunken in temples. Usually only takes 1 vial of sculptra

  • Sculptra for Neck / Chest - Starting at $750

    this area typically takes 1-2 vials on sculptra per session. most patients do 2-3 sessions to achieve optimal results.

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