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Home Vaginal Rejuvenation

get v fit plus, ensure intimate wellness

World’s first sexual health restoration device for home use!

Dr. Zoe

Why Dr. Zoe
recommends it?

This is the first at-home use sexual health restoration device which is affordable for most women like a fraction of the cost of surgical correction. 95 percent of women reported improvements in intimate wellbeing and health after using it and If you want to avoid surgery it’s the best option for you. As this device is free of all chemicals and additives, it’s 100 percent safe to use and non-invasive. Book an appointment if you want Dr. Zoe to introduce you to this revolutionary sexual wellness device and advise you whether the vFit PLUS is an appropriate treatment for you or not.

is vfit plus?

An at-home treatment device using LED technology, first developed by NASA. Using the healing power of red light, sonic technology, and low-temperature heat, the vFit PLUS is to enhance vaginal health. The device encourages warming of vaginal tissue and enhancing blood flow to the treatment area. You’ll get premium Photonic Gel with it, that can help you improve the effectiveness and comfort of the vFit PLUS.

What is special about vfit plus?

All you need to know about RevePeel!

Do I need it?

If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness during intercourse, discomfort during intimacy, loss of sensitivity and reduced sexual response, stress urinary incontinence symptoms, or wish to improve pelvic floor strength, YOU NEED VFIT PLUS.

How to use VFIT PLUS?

Instructions are added within the packaging of the VFIT PLUS and you can book an appointment with Dr. Zoe if you want more information about the device. Initially, it’s advised to use the non-hormonal device every other day for six-minute treatments. But pregnant women should not use the device.


There are a lot of people suffering from vaginal dryness, loss of confidence during physical intercourse, and other symptoms but being scared of surgeries they bear those for years. Fortunately, we are here to help you to get your desired results staying at home without any surgery.

Tightens vaginal walls, increase hydration, increase muscle tone, and tighten pelvic floor muscles.

98% experienced improved intimate wellness.

THE ONE AND ONLY device to improve women’s sexual function and health without any surgery and specifically curated for HOME USE.

89% experienced Increased confidence in sex and sensation.

Red LED light energy stimulates cell growth, healing, and increased collagen production in intimate areas.

and use it in the privacy of your own home.



Includes photonic gel & a case along

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