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Dr. Zoe Mallory

Dr. Zoe Mallory


Zoe Mallory is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with over ten years of experience in cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery.

Meet Dr. Zoe GAZOLA


An acclaimed career in AESTHETIC MEDICINE & ANTI AGING.

Dr. Zoe Gazola is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with over ten years of experience in aesthetic medicine & anti aging medicine and plastic surgery. She developed her keen eye for aesthetics by training with various plastic surgeons and physicians from all over the world since beginning her career in 2007. Dr. Zoe Gazola has trained plastic surgeons and other providers in advanced injection techniques and other cosmetic procedures. She also has a wide variety of surgical skills that she performs mainly in medicine. Dr. Zoe Gazola has spent eight years in private practice in New York City and her clientele is as diverse as New York City itself. Dr. Zoe Gazola also has a long list of clients that includes celebrities, Broadway performers, and TV personalities.


Dr. Zoe Gazola received her doctorate degree from Chamberlain University in 2019. Prior to receiving her DNP, she graduated with her Master’s Degree from Northern Arizona University with honors in 2015 and became a certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Dr. Zoe Gazola graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2009.

Before launching The Indigo Clinic, Dr. Zoe Gazola was a travel ICU nurse across the country; working in units including trauma, burn, surgical, neuro, and open-heart ICU. She worked the last few years at Columbia University in New York City.

Over her career, Dr. Zoe Mallory has completed numerous medical missions all over the world serving war-torn countries and providing medical care in a wide variety of specialties. In 2013, Dr. Zoe Gazola was nominated by Doctors for Global Health and The University of Carabobo as 1 of 8 minority women in the USA making history through humanitarian efforts and philanthropy work.

Dr. Zoe Gazola is multilingual! Speaking Spanish fluently and is intermediate in Portuguese and Arabic. Allowing her to communicate effectively with a wide spectrum of patients from different cultures. Dr. Zoe Gazola has also traveled and lived abroad, which has taught her a deeper understanding of other cultures unique perspectives of beauty, health, and wellness.